What’s worth protecting, is worth protecting better.

CoventBridge (Europe) Ltd, is a specialist provider of surveillance and investigation services throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are part of the CoventBridge Group, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and offer innovative solutions to the insurance and corporate sectors internationally.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire we have an established reputation for providing cost-efficient, dynamic services underpinned by superior customer service and regulatory compliance.

Clients enjoy the benefits of SmartPartner, our ground-breaking case management system, that offers a secure operational environment and noteworthy efficiency gains.

Whether your need is a low-value travel claim investigation or an in-depth surveillance operation, CoventBridge has the ability to make a difference.

Executive Management involved in the CoventBridge Group:

Steve Cook, Managing Director for UK, Ireland & Europe

Doug Merriman, Chief Executive Officer

Brian Thompson, Chief Financial Officer

Glenn Prager, Executive Vice President of Government Solutions

Jason Zurn, Chief Information Officer

Robin R. Rogers, General Counsel