Surveillance Operatives needed

Successful candidates will receive full training and join a UK nationwide field operation to perform covert surveillance in accordance with the Company’s BS:102000 compliant Code of Conduct and to relevant legal requirements. Surveillance activities will be undertaken across the Home Counties and Southwest of England. Generous fully employed package.

Employment Type: Full-time

If you wish to apply, please email

Join Tim, Nicole, & Neil as they share their CoventBridge career journey with us below.

Tim Brown

Investigations Case Manager
Tell us about your job/career at CoventBridge Group?

I first started my career with CoventBridge Group in October of 2019. When contacting CoventBridge I was a self-employed claims investigator and they were looking to broaden their field staff. After further discussions, I was offered the role of Case Manager, which suited me better with a guaranteed salary and a young family at home.

I received management support and development within the new role, and even though I have over 20 years’ experience within the industry, I was learning the CoventBridge model, procedures, and systems.  I’m continually learning at CoventBridge to prepare for future opportunities with the organisation and to further my career.

What’s the best part about working for CoventBridge Group?

In all honesty, I think the best part about working for CoventBridge is the people.  I have been welcomed with open arms to the company, and while I work from home and am pretty much self-managed, I know that the team is there for me if I need any assistance or just for a chat since working remotely can be quite lonely at times.  The company celebrates success which is good for morale, builds inclusion, and engagement.

What inspires you about your job?

Ultimately the customer is what inspires me. Assisting customers through what can be a very stressful experience allows me to use my knowledge of the business to guide them through the process and alleviate concerns and questions they have, whilst recognising the constraints as we are not their direct insurer.  I like to help people and I am certainly able to do that within my current role at CoventBridge Group.

How does CoventBridge Group allow you to contribute and be yourself?

I am trusted by my manager to make the right decision based on the evidence obtained for a claim.  With that said, if I have concerns or need guidance, my manager is there to empower me with the necessary tools to ensure I am successful.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone going through the recruiting process?

I would say come and see us!  I am sure that you will be given the same fantastic welcome and support I was given, and I am sure you won’t look back.

Nicole Amor

Central Operations Administrator
Tell us about your job/career at CoventBridge Group?
My career at CoventBridge started in March 2019 when I was offered the role of Central Operations Administrator in the Newbury head office. I love my role because it varies and comes with a wide range of responsibilities.
My job is very interesting and there is always an opportunity to learn more and assist other in-office departments.
What opportunities at CoventBridge Group have boosted your career growth?
I have been fortunate enough to have had opportunities where I can assist other departments. These opportunities have allowed me to gain the insight into what it takes to support those departments.

I also often have the chance to meet with my manager and discuss my progress. During these meetings we discuss the ways in which I can evolve within my existing role which has propelled my career growth.

What’s the best part about working for CoventBridge Group?
The best part of working at CoventBridge Group is my team and colleagues who are extremely supportive. The overall atmosphere within the office reflects that of a family unit.
What does working at CoventBridge Group mean to you?
I have always wanted to be in a job that I love, and I feel lucky that I have found that within my role at CoventBridge Group.

My job role is so interesting and varied, every day is different, and I am constantly learning and broadening my knowledge in order to improve within my skillset and advance my career.

Neil Taylor

Surveillance Operations Manager
Tell us about your job/career at CoventBridge Group inclusive of your progression?
I started as a Surveillance Operative working in small teams in central London. I progressed to working as a Team Leader, then Regional Manager before taking on a national role with oversight of all UK surveillance operations. The challenges of planning, leading, organising and controlling surveillance operations at CoventBridge Group in a variety of sectors is both demanding and rewarding. I have found myself leading successful investigations into large class action cases involving thousands of potential claims, such as: the HAVS scheme set up by the department for Energy. Interestingly, it’s the lessons learned during my formative years that have served me very well and have ensured I never lost sight of the value of the surveillance team, and in particular the surveillance field investigators, with the challenges they face and the contributions they make.
What’s the best part about working for CoventBridge Group?
The variety, no one day is ever the same. The surveillance teams work in different locations with different objectives, each managing their own challenges and client’s expectations, but all with a unifying sense of professionalism. Supporting and managing the teams to achieve their own success is very fulfilling.
What inspires you about your job?
The challenge. The work is often demanding and requires significant planning, control and development as cases progress requiring real time solutions to real time challenges. We set the bar high in terms of professionalism, compliance, and client satisfaction and it is very gratifying to both strive for and achieve those goals.
What’s one of the best career decisions you’ve made so far?
Mid-career I decided to take a post graduate qualification. As I was working at the same time it was a huge commitment and most of my free time was taken up with study, but I eventually graduated with an MSc. The broader knowledge I obtained about management systems and approaches really helped me as I progressed into more senior roles.
What’s your team like?
The surveillance operation is a real mix of individuals but all with a cohesive sense of professionalism. The team seeks out and responds well to challenges with a genuine desire to realise best possible outcomes. I take great pride in the work we achieve and the progression of the team. The surveillance operation is also well supported by centralised functions at CoventBridge Group, both prior to, and post deployments, forming an essential part of the results we achieve.
What does work at CoventBridge Group mean to you?
The CoventBridge Group means a great deal. The sense of professionalism in all departments is axiomatic and sets the tone and culture for both staff and results. However, on a personal level the support and advice from Steve and the senior management team through my own career progression has been invaluable. The work is both demanding and rewarding with a sense of collective achievement that makes it a great place to work.