Our Claims investigations team consists of experienced, trained investigators who understand the complexities of uncovering factual circumstances in sensitive investigations.


We have considerable experience providing investigative and business intelligence services to insurance companies and third-party administrators and they are led by a management team with more than a 100 years of combined claims investigation experience. Our expertise extends to all perils including casualty, accident and health, travel, life and motor.


Our investigators have access to extensive public databases and are experienced in developing case facts through on-site interviews, background history analysis, scene inspections and social networking research. We provide reports and intelligence for clients on everything from injury facts, incident circumstances and personal profiles.

All instructions are immediately assigned to an appropriate Claim Investigator who initiates the investigation and, when directed, contacts the involved parties to schedule face to face interviews. The investigator will also make appropriate action plans, based upon the investigative priorities, to complete all facets of the field investigation that may be required. We will schedule and complete assignments (including field interviews) in a timely manner based on the availability of the insured, claimant and potential witnesses. At every stage of an investigation, we are alert to potential red flags associated with the claim.

The status of an assignment can be continually monitored via our case management and intelligence technology platform. Through this technology, our clients have access to digitally recorded field interviews, case notes, photos, videos and more.

Our CoventConnect video interview platform has been developed as a robust cost-efficient alternative to in-person interviews that provides clients with interview options depending on needs and suitability. Rather than being restricted to a standard “face to face” format, CoventConnect is a dynamic investigation proposition that impacts positively on service delivery and claim outcome. Interviews are completed by experienced investigators who will “bookmark” critical sections of the interview to highlight areas of interest. Transcripts and statements are available depending on client need and evidence is captured and managed within a secure environment ensuring adherence to compliance protocols are maintained at all times.


From claims validation to video identity redaction services, we collaborate with and deliver verification and validation services to key stakeholders. Our professional staff work with fraud professionals and provide accurate, reliable and actionable information in the fight against fraud in connection with abuse against Government benefits and spurious claims and absenteeism. We empower program decision makers to make informed decisions and ensure receipt of benefits by those who are genuinely entitled to them. Collectively as an organisation and as part of strategic partnerships with Government bodies, we stand on the frontline in the fight against fraud and abuse.


CoventBridge accumulate, analyse and evaluate claim information to recommend actions related to our clients’ specific claims fraud control criteria. Our experts remain available for analysis of claims data referred for field investigation, in addition to conducting suspicious claim file audits. Because our proprietary technology provides us with visibility of fraud triggers across the UK, Europe and internationally, our professionals can alert clients to industry fraud trends and suggest proactive strategies to detect, investigate and deter fraudulent claims.