You’re in good company.

Doug Merriman

Chief Executive Officer


Doug Merriman has spent over 20 years as a C-Level leader in the Insurance, Health Care Services, Investigative, Government Contracting and Warranty industries. He holds a degree in Business Administration from The Ohio State University and the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) professional designation. He has transformed several companies by driving performance through data-driven analysis and employee care

Having a background in several industries gives Doug a unique perspective and the opportunity to draw from those encounters, applying processes and solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Doug is committed to equipping his team with the tools and technology essential to their success: removing obstacles, lending guidance, and providing ample opportunities to those who are willing to take responsibility for their achievement.

As the Chief Executive Officer of CoventBridge, Doug is focused on providing an exceptional experience for both customers and employees, in order to drive growth in our legacy businesses while expanding in newer strategic directions.

Doug in three words:


Bold.    Agile.    Realistic.
“No man will make a good leader who wants to do it all himself.”


Mr. Cook serves at Executive level for Coventbridge Group as Managing Director for UK, Ireland and European regions. His career in the counter fraud industry extends back to January 1990 and encompasses operational and executive management roles, including implementation of large scale insurance counter fraud programs.

Steve served at Boardroom level for leading UK investigation companies, including an AIM listed Holding company, where he led a successful management buyout. Following sustained organic growth under his leadership, a US market leader in the investigations industry acquired Steve’s company and he subsequently joined their executive leadership team.

Steve’s career in the private sector was preceded by a distinguished ten-year career with the Royal Marines where he undertook operational deployments around the globe resulting in formal decoration.

Steve in three words:


Humble.    Enthusiastic.    Principled.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Steve Cook

Managing Director for UK,

Ireland & Europe


Brian Thompson finds strength in numbers and has built his career managing them, but this seasoned CPA has learned it’s not always the cash flow and the capital, but the stories behind the spreadsheets that make his job worthwhile. Brian began his career in accounting, but quickly found himself drawn to the corporate side of finance, discovering his skill set and his sensibilities served him well in the role of CFO. With over 27 years of accounting and finance experience, Brian has developed a clear understanding of the essential elements of success, allowing him to provide clients and colleagues with invaluable insights and analyses that reach far beyond the numbers alone.

As CoventBridge’s CFO, Brian brings this unique perspective and its many benefits to the table, working as a strategic partner in the management of the company’s finances and future while never losing sight of the bottom line: operate an exceptional and efficient organization with clear and comprehensive financial reporting; continuing to build upon a foundation of trust and responsiveness by making financially sound decisions based not only on numbers, but on the people they represent.

Brian in three words:


Strategic.    Logical.    Engaged.

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” – Plato

Brian Thompson

Chief Financial Officer

Stacy Hanson

Chief Client Officer


Stacy Hanson believes in the power of possibilities. She expects the best from herself and from those around her, and embraces a life that seeks to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. This tenacious spirit has served her well; her days spent as a field investigator came at a time when the thought of a woman succeeding in the industry was little more than an improbable notion. Undeterred by the odds and empowered by what could be, Stacy rose through the ranks with the integrity, focus and fierce customer-first philosophy that define her still today.

As CoventBridge’s Chief Client Officer, Stacy’s aim is high and her objective is clear: provide clients with uncompromising excellence at every level, and in so doing, redefine the industry’s approach to customer experience across the globe. Armed with a deep understanding of operational intricacies gained from two decades in the industry and an unquenchable passion for possibilities, Stacy is dedicated to fostering the long-term trust and respect of clients by safeguarding their interests with professionalism and integrity; remaining resolute in her assurance that CoventBridge will never outgrow its pledge to deliver the personalized, intuitive and ethical customer service so vital to success in today’s investigative services marketplace.

Stacy in three words:


Customer-Driven.    Determined.    Enterprising.

“When you are willing to aim high, something remarkable happens…the inconceivable suddenly becomes believable.”


Jason Zurn knows that in business and in life, the little things can make a big difference, so it is not surprising that this devoted husband, father and self-described perfectionist lives his high-tech life by one simple rule: A promise made is a promise kept. The Virginia native nurtured his passion for technology in the midst of the fast pace of Washington D.C., learning to overcome challenges quickly and confidently and developing an uncanny ability to clearly see the big picture while never losing sight of the smallest details…invaluable traits in today’s ever-evolving world of IT. A conscientious and trustworthy leader, Jason is driven by his vow to bring his best to whatever he does, a promise he continues to keep.

As CoventBridge’s Chief Information Officer, Jason is certainly in his element, playing an integral role in the organization’s Internet presence from day one. Equipped with resources that far exceed today’s investigative industry standards and a staunch commitment to remain at the leading edge of their profession, Jason and his team combine insight and innovation with tools such as SmartPartner, CoventBridge’s proprietary software system, to optimize security and seamlessness throughout the organization’s ever-expanding network; redefining customer experience and investigative industry standards around the corner and around the world.

Jason in three words: 

Candid.    Reliable.    Diligent.

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

Jason Zurn

Chief Information Officer

Robin R. Rogers

General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer


Robin R. Rogers not only knows the benefits that can come from hard work, but this experienced legal expert also recognizes it’s not only your work ethic that secures you “the W,” it’s the attention to detail. With the ambition of a Division 1 collegiate athlete, Robin is competitive by nature and likes to succeed. Though she has had many brag-worthy accomplishments in her career, she stays amazingly humble. Robin first began her decade-long career at Bank of America in the financial industry, where she gained vast business and compliance experience. She then excelled as Counsel; Compliance & Privacy Director at The HCI Group, Attorney at McGlinchey Stafford, and most recently Senior Legal Counsel at The Adecco Group. These career accomplishments have only furthered the poised attitude that she brings to CoventBridge.

As CoventBridge’s General Counsel, Robin is focused on the executive team’s strategic goals. With her propensity towards decision making, she not only acts as counsel, but also overseeing the global legal, licensing, privacy, compliance, and human resource groups. Her trustworthiness allows her the ability to build and transform teams while implementing processes that ensure a strong and ethical atmosphere, allowing CoventBridge to redefine investigative industry standards around the world.

Robin in three words:

Ambitious. Trustworthy. Decisive.

“There’s nothing more powerful than a humble person, with a warrior spirit, who is driven by a bigger purpose.” – Jon Gordon