Our world-class surveillance experts are the best in the industry. Their ability to be in the right places at the right times, anywhere in the world, allows them to deliver the best possible cost containment outcomes.


CoventBridge is proud of a proven reputation for delivering intelligence-led surveillance solutions, underpinned by robust compliance protocols and superior customer service. We are committed to quality of service and information security, holding the requisite PSA42 License for Private Investigation activities, Gold accreditation for ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 through UKAS who conduct external annual audits of our mature integrated management system.

Our surveillance personnel are full-time employees qualified IQ level 3 Professional Investigators, BS7858 vetted and all compliant to BS102000 Code of Practice for private investigators. Research and evaluation of available open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a formal process of every investigation and is conducted by our dedicated intelligence research team.

Our clients enjoy noteworthy efficiency gains and security benefits with SmartPartner, a ground-breaking investigation portal that provides immediate access to view and share evidence within a secure environment, including streaming video.

Robust quality controls ensure compliance, including addressing instances of unavoidable collateral intrusion that require identity redaction through our inhouse production team.

We believe the measure of success from our surveillance intervention is linked to the quality and content of our video and supporting documentation. Quality includes the visual aspects of each product piece, but importantly, it also includes the content. From the video perspective, this relates to capturing observed activities and not merely reporting them. To achieve this, we deploy a high degree of intelligence to maximise the ratio of cases containing actionable video of the subject as opposed to ‘no video-days’. We take this aspect of our service delivery very seriously, and at a micro-level, monitor and measure each of our field assets to ensure a high success ratio. SmartPartner™ supports this quality assurance through in-built algorithms that allow our supervisors, managers and most importantly, our clients, to run reports on this area of success measurement.